Family Law

My Family Law Philosophy

My approach in any family law issue is to protect my client, sometimes even from themselves.   Having been through the process myself, I appreciate how devastating a death of a marriage can be.  It is life altering and some clients have stalled as they try to re-build their life.   They need to understand the legal process, their own emotional process, and they need to be understood by their attorney. 

Part of the guidance that I provide during these difficult times is legal, but it is also non-legal.  My job is to help you through the difficulty.  At times that means explaining that the legal process cannot address your valid emotional hurt.  At other times, it is explaining that you need to let go.  And of course, there are times when I have to be the aggressor and assure my client that they deserve what the law allows.

Being understanding does not mean that I cannot be tough, when being tough is necessary.  I will discuss different options with you to determine what process is best for your family:  collaborative, coopperative, mediation, negotiation, litigation. I have worked with same sex couples on various family law matters. For the most part their needs are the same as traditional couples. However, I am cognizant of the slight variations that are needed and can advise my clients accordingly. Each client is different, each case is different and thus the approach that we decide to take is tailored to your particular family law circumstance.

What matters are included in family law?

The term “family law” means different things to different people.  I define it as any court matter that involves the family relationship, or usually, a change in the relationship.  This can mean a divorce, custody, paternity, support issue, or even adoption.  Sometimes it also means an Order of Protection.

  • Divorce
  • Divorce/Civil Union
  • Paternity
  • Adoption (same sex, related, unrelated)
  • Temporary Orders to provide for child support and custody or spousal maintenance
  • Orders of Protection to target physical violence and mental abuse
  • Preliminary Injunctions including the transfer or hiding of assets
  • Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities: Parenting Time and Decision Making (Child Custody)
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • The equitable distribution of marital assets and marital debts
  • Reimbursement and non-marital property issues
  • Post-Decree Issues: modification of spousal support, child custody, parenting time and child support

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