The Legal Support You Deserve I serve my clients with the utmost courtesy and respect. I carefully listen to their concerns. I work to design solutions suited to your individual needs.
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At Rhonda L. Rosenthal, P.C., I offer a flexible approach to legal representation. We can discuss which service type suits you, your situation, and your budget.


For those seeking traditional (full representation), we provide a service where we take charge of every aspect of your case. This includes filing our appearance on your behalf, preparing all necessary documentation, drafting responses and correspondence, and representing you at all court dates relevant to your case.

Limited Scope

For clients who prefer a more hands-on approach to their legal affairs, our limited scope representation offers a flexible alternative. This option allows you to represent yourself in certain areas of your case, such as visitation issues, while still receiving professional legal assistance on specific matters like child support.


My advisory service is perfect for those who need guidance and consultation without the full extent of legal representation. We offer review and advice on documents and options and assist in hearings preparation. While this option does not include filing an appearance or court attendance, it is billed at an hourly rate.

Rhonda L. Rosenthal

Rhonda L. Rosenthal

Anytime you have to contact your attorney is a critical time, especially when it comes to family issues. Good communication between you and your attorney is essential. I use my almost 30 years of legal experience and knowledge of different client outcomes to design solutions suited to each client’s individual needs. I am accessible to my clients, responding promptly to their telephone calls and e-mail and taking the time to meet with all clients personally.

I focus on legal issues that affect the family, any kind of family, be it traditional, same-sex, or step-family. I represent parents, children, spouses, adult and minor children, disabled adults, guardianships, adoption, executors, and beneficiaries in McHenry County, Illinois.
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I serve my clients with the utmost courtesy and respect, listening to their concerns and designing solutions suited to their individual needs.

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Committed to Helping Illinois Families

Establish Guardianship

I have helped friends with special needs children in securing guardianship as they reach the age of eighteen, and my experience extends to being frequently appointed by the court to evaluate the necessity for a guardian and to recommend an appropriate candidate. Additionally, I have had the honor of representing individuals who contest their need for guardianship, advocating for their rights and preferences. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, our guardianship services embrace not only young adults transitioning into adulthood but also loved ones of any age grappling with conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, or mental health challenges.

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